The blog and the work

I’m excited. Excited by my progress on Airely and by the Rust programming language that gave me this long awaited opportunity to make my Airely to become a reality.
All my spare time I’m thinking about some features or implementation of them. And there is so much of I could write about but I choose not to because I use that time to work on Airely.
Just have in mind – if I am not writing new posts to this blog doesn’t mean that Airely is dead. It can’t be true, as I have all that I need to continue working on it.

The New Year Progress

You may think that I’ve stopped developing Airely. No, that can’t be true. I’ve had a spare time that I’ve totally invested in this wonderful project of mine, but there was a complication – I was ill for about 11 days and I’m not that healthy now. It’s not that scary – just some hard virus.

But what about progress?

$ cargo count -v -l rs
Gathering information...
Excluding: ["D:\\PROJECTS\\Rust\\Airely\\.git"]
Only including files with extension: rs
Displaying the results:
         Language  Files  Lines  Blanks  Comments  Code
         --------  -----  -----  ------  --------  ----
         Rust      37     10354  1204    555       8595
         --------  -----  -----  ------  --------  ----
Totals:            37     10354  1204    555       8595

As you can see, total line-count of Rust code is 8,5k. But what is about the new features? The short list is like this:

  1. Many optimizations and enabling of VSYNC for the video. Now the system is far less intensive on CPU and GPU.
  2. Windows Management improvements:
    • Moving by the title
    • Resizing from every corner and side
    • Focus switching and z-ordering
  3. Windows decoration subsystem was evolved – all windows decoration is moved to Lua level. Every human should be able to code his own theme for window decoration from now on!
  4. The window title buttons subsystem is implemented. For now the Close button is fully functional, but Minimize and Maximize buttons are to be implemented next.

Embrace yourselves!